Data governance and cross-border trade

This webinar considers some of the legal and economic issues raised by data governance and is impacts on cross border-trade.

We will be joined by:

  • Eleonor Duhs, Director, Fieldfisher LLP
  • Lucy Ashton, Policy Advisor, Association of British Insurers
  • Amar Breckenridge, Senior Associate, Frontier Economics
  • L. Alan Winters (moderator), UK Trade Policy Observatory, Sussex University

Cross-border flows of data are an important driver of global value chains, and the flow of trade and investment that go with these. Indeed data flows have not only enhanced business operations; they have helped to create entire business models and sectors. At the same time, the importance of data to business and society has led to an increased interest in its governance in relation to a range of policy  questions such as privacy, security, and market power.

Research by the OECD suggests that the international landscape for data and digital has become more restrictive and complex over the last decade, particularly as governments seek to balance the benefits of liberalised cross-border data flows with other concerns. For its part, the UK is seeking to develop its own national data strategy, and to position itself relative to its major economic partners. This includes the EU , with the UK awaiting a decision as to the adequacy of its data regulations from the perspective of the GDPR. 

Join us at the webinar to discuss these issues with the speaker panel.