Sarah Snelson

Sarah Snelson

Sarah has been advising on the effectiveness and value for money of government policy since 2001.

Sarah is a Director in Frontier’s public policy practice. She is driven by her desire to tackle the central economic question of public policy, namely how to allocate scarce government funding to best effect.

She has substantial expertise in assessing the impact and value for money of policy on firms, public sector organisations, markets, localities and individuals. Her particular passions are disentangling the effect of policy in cases where the counterfactual is far from obvious and analysing the impact of competition within public sector markets or of public policy on private markets.

She has led projects for all major government departments covering the justice system, labour markets, health, culture but with a particular emphasis on issues related to skills, technology and innovation.

Sarah has examined the role of the private sector in delivering skills training as well as analysing how and where markets work in delivering skills outcomes. She has also analysed the incentives and rewards created by funding and regulation, the question of what constitutes value for money from education and skills acquisition as well as evaluating the impact of specific skills policies.

Sarah has assessed the impact of new technologies on economic growth, labour markets and consumers, sought to measure the returns to government policy interventions in the digital space and analysed the impact of policies to enhance digital skills and employability.