Harnessing the power of AI

Are you ready for the rise of the machines?

Are you ready for the rise of the machines?

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is already having, and will continue to have, a profound impact on the ways we live, work, pay our phone bill and much more. Many industries are embracing the inevitable move towards AI, with companies incorporating AI methods, such as machine learning, into their ways of working.

More and better data

This collection of articles examines the impact and use of artificial intelligence methods across a number of sectors, from smart meter data in the energy world and how machine learning can drive efficiency in the water sector to the use of big data to provide even more tailored pricing plans in the telecoms industry. The common thread is clear, more and better data is key. But, does this use of data always work in favour of consumers, or do those that are most in need lose out?

Adapting our methods

With our journey towards a more digital future well underway, we can no longer rely solely on traditional methods that have so far helped companies to predict and manage risk. Instead, the use of big data will prove critical in our ability to adapt to unexpected events and uncertain times – all the more relevant as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to unfold. The UK workforce will need to continue to upskill in order to keep up with the pace of change, and harnessing the power of AI will be instrumental in order to identify those digital skills workers need the most.

Team thoughts

More and better data is essential to keep driving long-term efficiency. Companies should be encouraged to invest now
Chris Cuttle
With the advent of big data and machine learning, it could be possible for mobile providers to further tailor their offers to the needs of individual users or customer segments
José María Rodríguez
Associate Director
The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the shortcomings of the models on which banks have come to rely so heavily
Paula Papp
Associate Director

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datapoints a year per customer (electricity consumption data)


of UK jobs advertised require digital skills

Team Thoughts

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