André Pfannenschmidt

André Pfannenschmidt

André enjoys working on innovative solutions to regulatory and competition issues of the 21st century across a variety of sectors.

Combining his economic expertise with skilful data analysis, he delivers practical and pragmatic solutions to unstructured problems. André works to translate complex economic concepts into simple language enabling his clients to tackle strategic business challenges they face effectively.    

André has gained broad experience advising clients in various aspects of competition and energy economics. Recent examples include national and European merger cases across a range of sectors (digital markets, financial services, telecommunication, food wholesale, etc.), and cross-jurisdictional litigations in the manufacturing segment. In the energy sector, André works on different topics, for example on the assessment of trading and risk management strategies by energy companies against relevant regulatory frameworks in the energy and financial sector. He further regularly advises on the road to net-zero for the European transport sector.

André is fluent in English and German. He holds degrees in economics from University of Mannheim and Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf where he specialises in regulation and competition economics.