Dan Elliott

Dan Elliott

Dan Elliott is a founder and Director of Frontier, with more than 30 years’ experience as a consulting economist and a strong empirical and finance background.

He is a leading expert in the field of regulatory and competition issues in network industries, providing commercial and strategic advice to private companies, investors and governments around the world. He particularly focuses on the transport and water sectors, helping his clients engage with governments and regulatory bodies to improve the functioning of regulated markets. He places particular emphasis on the use of cutting-edge theory and innovative empirical analysis to gain insight into his clients’ issues and influence policy debates.

In his global aviation work he represents airports and airlines, advising them on a wide range of issues including the economic regulation of airport charges, slot allocation, route development and the wider impact of aviation on economy in general. Over the last 15 years he has played a significant part in the evolution of airport regulation in the UK and Ireland and has made influential contributions to the debate over hub airport capacity issues in London. He is particularly interested in the competitive dynamic between network and point to point carriers and between hub and regional airports.

In rail, he has advised on competition issues relating to TOC franchises, passenger rolling stock and freight markets.

In addition, Dan has worked on the economic regulation of water and sewerage companies since before privatisation of the industry in England & Wales in 1989. At one time or another since then he has advised every water company in the UK, as well as working in other EU states, the Middle East and Australia. He helps companies engage with the regulator, both during and between periodic price reviews to ensure that their case is well articulated and evidenced and well received. The work he leads ranges from  advice at Board level on regulatory strategy to detailed regulatory financial modelling and cost and tariff analysis.


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