Dr Ann-Katrin Lenz

Dr Ann-Katrin Lenz

Dr Ann-Katrin works to provide answers and insights across a range of topics in the energy sector with a focus on regulation and sector coupling.

Her recent projects include economic regulation of network industries, strategy advice for different companies especially around the topic “Power to X” and litigation cases in the electricity and gas sector. Accordingly, she is also involved in transport and competition topics since joining Frontier’s Berlin office in 2018.

Prior to joining Frontier, Ann-Katrin was a Research Associate at the Workgroup for Infrastructure Policy and PhD student at Technische Universität Berlin. The focus of her research projects was on energy economics, especially on the regulation of onshore transmission networks and offshore windfarm connections in Germany.

Ann-Katrin holds a Masters’s and Bachelor’s degree in Economics with focus on transport and energy economics from University of Münster (Germany) and University Paul-Cézanne Aix-Marseille III (France). Ann-Katrin is fluent in German, English and has a good command of French.