Daniel Payten

Daniel Payten

Daniel is a senior data scientist specialising in building sophisticated models and creating clear visualisations to ‘tell a story’ with data.

He uses his experience as a full-stack data scientist and economics consultant to help clients get the most from their data and solve their real-world business problems using modern econometric and statistical techniques.

His recent projects include:

  • the development of a machine-learning model that segmented customer chat logs into conversation topics to illustrate to the client how customers use their app’s chat feature.
  • the simulation of customer journey times through a UK train operating company’s network and the impact of proposed network changes have on the client’s costs and their customer’s journey times.
  • the development of an online interactive dashboard for a retail client undertaking a merger, which identified store locations that could pose concerns to the competition regulator.


Describe your job to a child

I make numbers make sense to grown ups

If you could only eat one meal/food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Cheesy burgers

If you won the lottery, would be the first thing you buy?

A house in London, Canberra and Melbourne