Digital Disruption

A few lines of code can change everything

New ideas and new ways of delivering things can turn entire industries on their heads.

New technology

From blockchain  and Big Data , and from AI  to IoT . There is no such thing as digital business now. All business is digital. The impacts are seismic.  And with great processing power comes new responsibilities.

New businesses

Old industries - and new ones - can be changed in a moment when new technology arrives. Competition can be affected almost before anyone has had a chance to examine it. Entire new industries can arise within an accounting year, and big names can tumble as fast - from banking  and retail, to media and telecoms. How should regulators and government respond to incumbents and entrants when they both ask for help? Are the interests of the consumer being upheld or unwittingly eroded?



Governments are under pressure to do more to protect privacy
Sarah Snelson
Associate Director, Public Policy
David Foster.jpg
Online platforms are different as they can be scaled swiftly and inexpensively
David Foster
Director, Competition
Laura Petschnig.jpg
We are starting to see genuine partnerships where banks team up with FinTech’s to offer something new to customers
Laura Petschnig
Manager, Strategy

In numbers


Business leaders unaware that PSD2 and Open Banking are going live.


Increase in US GDP with a 10% rise in Internet of Things investment.


Estimated mass of the entire internet (UC Berkeley)

Team Thoughts

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