Import opportunities for renewable hydrogen to Austria

Renewable hydrogen and its derivatives will contribute considerably to the decarbonisation of the Austrian industry and certain mobility applications in the future.

In addition to Austria's own hydrogen production from renewable sources, imports from EU and other  countries will play a decisive role.

In a recent study commissioned by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology ("BMK"), Frontier together with the Austrian Institute of Technology ("AIT") investigated various options for the future import of renewable hydrogen to Austria.

Based on case studies of five different countries, Frontier and the AIT have identified a wide range of possible import options, mainly distinguished by 

  • the potential of renewable generation in the countries; and by
  • relevant, or possible, transport routes for the hydrogen produced.

The study identifies possible supply sources, transport and storage options for the import of renewable hydrogen and its derivatives and shows the cost-effectiveness and environmental impacts in terms of life-cycle GHG emissions for each of the different options.

Based on the analyses, Frontier and the AIT recommend five actions in total::

  • Rapidly complete the definition of renewable hydrogen, international standards for hydrogen quality and internationally recognised certification systems.
  • Design a support framework for renewable hydrogen imports, which must be on a supra-regional basis.
  • Supra-regional support framework requires coordination in terms of time and quantity along the international hydrogen value chain.
  • Prioritise coordination on specific import routes along the international hydrogen value chain.
  • Identify and build strategic partnerships to develop import routes.

Each recommended action constitutes a building block for a possible implementation of a hydrogen import system. The recommendations for action will only be effective in combination with each other.

Our study is available to download below.

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Importmöglichkeiten für erneuerbaren Wasserstoff