Understanding the value of the charity sector

Jointly with Frontier Economics, the UK Charity Commission has today published a paper to outline how to measure the value of the charitable sector.  

The Charity sector is increasingly important but, as Charity Commission research has shown, the breadth of charitable activity can raise questions about whether charities are delivering on their charitable purposes. The confidence of the public in the role and performance of charities underpins the legal and economic privileges charities enjoy.

The charity sector is recognised as a vehicle of powerful human endeavour and instinct to do good.  Its impact is important to the Government, the economy and to society. Charities have the potential, perhaps even the responsibility, to help bridge our divides but they will not be able to fulfil this role if they themselves are seen as contributing to them.  Measurement provides one tool to help understand the behaviours, and the outcomes of those behaviours, but measuring charitable contributions is notoriously difficult. 

The paper released today is one part of a wider discussion being led by the Charity Commission to understand, and capture, the value of charitable activities.

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The value of the charity sector