Give your career as an economist the best start

Gain valuable insight and experience of the world of economics consultancy with our two-year analyst programme for graduates.

You'll have the opportunity to work straight away with experienced colleagues, applying the skills you have studied for. You’ll work in Frontier’s unique open-minded environment where everyone’s ideas and contributions are valued.

You will be:

You will be:

  • Working on projects with a mixture of economists, from senior analysts to directors.
  • Undergoing a comprehensive induction and training programme.
  • Receiving guidance, feedback and support throughout.

Throughout the programme you’ll be supported by two experienced mentors and your graduate ‘buddy’ who will help support and guide you through this programme.

The type of work

The type of work

You’ll start working for our clients very early on:

  • Brainstorming to solve client problems, involving internal and external meetings
  • Applying economic frameworks, ranging from simple data analysis to complex econometric modelling
  • Writing client reports and slide packs
  • Presenting your findings to colleagues and to clients

Development and training

Our two year graduate programme offers you training across key areas:

  • Knowledge - analytical and technical toolset. Sector specialisms.
  • Client skills - understanding client needs, relationship building.Consulting skills - analysis, writing reports, presentations.
  • Work management - time, project and people management.
  • Communication - leadership skills, feedback skills, communicating under pressure.

You’ll have weekly training sessions for the first six months running alongside your work - which typically consists of 2-3 projects at a time.

After six months, you will continue to have weekly seminars, internal training and mentoring.

You will be strongly encouraged to get feedback from your project manager and to give feedback to senior colleagues.

We encourage all our graduates to contribute to the running of our firm. Here you will help start to shape our business, for example by planning our Christmas parties, organising our induction week or helping to plan our recruitment activities.

What qualifications do I need?

We’re looking for those with at least a 2:1 or equivalent degree and a Masters in Economics, or to be enrolled in an Economics-based postgraduate course.

We are also interested in those who have studied Economics and Finance.

But not everyone has a standard background. We do accept some applications from final year undergraduates for the London office. Undergraduate applicants must study a part-time Masters (part funded by us) for 2 years, and attend evening classes twice a week.

Undergraduates will be competing against Masters students, and many undergraduates choose to undertake a long-term internship with us first to show how they perform before applying for a graduate role. Interested in a position as an intern? Visit our Interns page to learn more.


All applicants must be fluent in English.  If you wish to apply for Berlin or Cologne then it’s not necessary to be fluent in German upon application (although it’s beneficial). For non-German speaking candidates we expect a willingness to learn the language during their time at Frontier.  Applicants to Madrid must be fluent in Spanish and applicants to Paris must be fluent in French. Other European languages are an advantage, particularly French and Dutch, as well as Central and Eastern European languages, particularly Polish.

Do I need a work permit?

If you are applying for a graduate position and require a work permit, you can check if you are eligible to apply to our different offices below.

London Office

Should we offer you a full time Analyst position and you require a work permit, we will instruct our immigration providers, Fragomen LLP, to provide assistance with your application under the UK's points based immigration system. Please be aware that the issuance of work permits is beyond the control of Frontier Economics and subject to local immigration laws.
In order to apply for an internship programme, please bear in mind that you need to have the legal right to work in the location to which you are applying for the dates of the internship.

Madrid Office

Spain requires a higher education degree or five years of working experience at the same level in order for candidates to be eligible to apply for a working permit. Frontier will consider cases on an individual basis. If Frontier wish to progress to a working permit application, the government will consider this and confirm if approval is given.

Cologne and Berlin Offices

If you are studying and living outside Germany and applying for an internship in Germany, you will need to organise a work permit before you are allowed to undertake an internship. You will also need health insurance, which is compulsory for anyone working in Germany, and necessary for getting a work permit. If you are a non-EU student already studying in Germany with a student visa, things are a little easier; you are allowed to work 90 full days a year, or 180 half-days.

Dublin Office

Applying for a work permit will only be accepted in respect of foreign nationals who are full-time students, including post-graduate students, enrolled in a third-level institution outside the State; are pursuing a Degree course or higher, and have an offer of an internship with an employer in the State. Eligibility depends on many factors.

Brussels Office

Belgium has many different work permits. Type-B work permits may be available for long-term interns, whereas analyst/consultants may be eligible to apply for a Type-A work permit.

Paris Office

In 2016, in an attempt to attract more foreigners, the French government has made it easier and more streamlined to obtain certain working permits for non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens, and the ‘passeport talent’ permit is one such example.

Cross office working

Monica, analyst in our Madrid office, gives us an insight into her secondment in London, and getting involved in the Frontier way of life

What is the interview process?

The interview process is open, friendly and consists of a two round process. The interviews focus on your skills and experiences relevant to Frontier.

Your first interview cover two areas. The interview is a combination of an economics case study discussion based on the type of projects we undertake at Frontier and testing your potential ability to work collaboratively with colleagues and clients alike. To prepare you for the case study discussion we will give some background information. Although the market and the subject area may be new to you, the material is intended to provide you with a basis for identifying the relevant economic concepts that you may be asked to discuss. We want to explore the strength of your knowledge in economics and the ability to apply it to solve problems. Your ability to communicate clearly and to convey complex messages in straightforward language will also be assessed.

If you pass the first round you will be invited back for a second (and final) interview with two of our Directors. As part of this round there is typically an informal discussion where you will meet with either the recruitment team or our current Analysts. This session allows you to find out more about Frontier and you are welcome to ask any questions you might not wish to ask in an interview setting. You will then have your final interview which is the same format as the first round where you will discuss an economics case study and we will be testing your potential consulting skills.

Further information about the interview process will be provided to you, should you be invited to an interview.

When is the deadline to apply?

Applications for analyst positions open in the autumn each year (with London opening first in mid - September). The deadlines fall at different times depending on the office. London positions close earliest at the end of November and Dublin closes around February.  Brussels, Madrid and Paris offices will close their positions around spring and the Berlin and Cologne offices will recruit through to the Spring/Summer. We strongly encourage you to apply early as positions will close when filled.

What do I do next?

If you would like to apply for a vacancy you will need to complete an online application form for the position you are applying for.  Available positions can be found here.

In order to submit an online application form you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your personal details
  • Educational qualifications
  • A personal statement
  • Work Experience, Awards and Extra Curriculum (If applicable)
  • References

You will also have to confirm the office you would like to apply to and can also provide a second choice. However please check first to see if the office you have selected has a vacancy, you can check this on the Vacancies & Apply page. You must also be fluent in English and in the language of the country you are applying to.

In order for your application to be considered you must fully complete each section. Take the time to think about your Personal Statement and think about why you are applying to Frontier, why you would like to become an economic consultant and why we should consider you.

What happens next?

Once we receive your application, all personal information is anonymised in line with our equal opportunities policy. Each application is carefully reviewed as part of our shortlisting process. You will be notified after this process if you have been invited to an interview or if, unfortunately, we are unable to process your application further.

It is important to note that applications are considered on a rolling basis and interviews are conducted throughout the year. Therefore there are no set dates for interviews and you will be contacted to arrange a suitable interview date.

Application Form

Before you begin your application read our checklist:

  • Are you eligible to apply and meet the standard entry requirements?
  • Have you checked that your office preference has a vacancy?
  • Do you meet the language requirements for your selected office location?

Ready? Find available positions here.

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