Freddie Harrington

Freddie Harrington

Freddie advises a variety of clients across different industries on competition, litigation, strategic and regulatory issues.

Freddie has advised FTSE 100 and large digital firms on merger cases; worked on major European cartel litigation cases; supported financial service providers to combat fraud and in discussions with the FCA; modelled energy markets to predict capacity requirements; advised a government department on the future of the telecommunications industry; and supported both water companies and airports in their price reviews.

Freddie holds Masters and undergraduate degrees from Durham University and has previously gained experience in the Government Economic Service.


What was the last book you read?

Thomas the Tank Engine

Last thing you asked Google?

What is the world record for the largest litter of puppies? (It’s 24, imagine that)

Have a favourite quote?

Sometimes I use phrases I don’t understand and vice versa