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The vagaries of climate change, rising investment needs and regulatory pressures, are turning up the heat on the water industry. The right knowledge, expertise and experience are vital to deliver sound economic insight when it matters most.

Navigating troubled waters

When it comes to the water industry, wherever you look the pressure is on. 

Whether it’s the impact of climate change on water resources, regulatory wranglings, or ramped up investment needs for water and wastewater networks, more than ever our clients need the right industry expertise and experience to keep the taps flowing.

Our in-depth knowledge spans regulation, competition and all commercial issues. We apply advanced economic modelling techniques to create solutions for companies, investors and regulators. We also use behavioural economics expertise to deliver exceptional, original insight into how to design customer research and deliver behaviour change projects.


Navigating water regulations is no mean feat.

The industry is charged with providing efficient, safe and affordable water and sewerage services, while improving the quality of services that matter most to customers.

The regulator’s role is to make sure this happens and that the balance between commercial and customer interests is fair.

We have a proven track record in:

  • Advising companies on regulatory strategy in every UK price review since 1989
  • Representing companies appealing their price limits to the Competition and Markets Authority
  • Advising regulators, trade associations and companies on the design of regulatory instruments
  • Advising companies and regulators on determining regulated price caps
  • Creating regulatory financial models to better understand proposed regulations
  • Using advanced statistical and econometric techniques in efficiency benchmarking

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Competition may well be a game-changer for the water industry. But what are the rules of the game? What’s the right regulatory and market framework?

 When it comes to competition in the water industry, the breadth and depth of our expertise and experience are unrivalled.

We’ve been actively involved in developing the regulatory framework for market competition. 

We are also experts in the economics of network access, competition law and competitive strategy.

Our competitive edge:

  • Detailed industry knowledge of economic frameworks for network access
  • Wide experience of representing firms in competition law challenges
  • Strategic advice on structural reform, including the non-household retail market
  • Deep understanding of policies dealing with trading water abstraction rights
  • Methods for wholesale pricing and establishing retail margins

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Water resources

Water is a vital resource. And so is the economic expertise needed to develop and allocate it effectively. 

We blend sound economic principles with an in-depth understanding of the operational, regulatory and behavioural factors underpinning water allocation. 

We work with engineers, scientists, lawyers and market researchers to ensure that our proposed solutions are technically feasible. 

Our expertise includes:

  • Contributing to government policy papers considering sustainable water trading regimes
  • Advising companies on the commercial pros and cons of proposed changes
Project finance

In this capital intensive industry, private-sector financing is vital in funding investment needs around the world.

What we offer:

Worldwide expertise - Advising private and public-sector firms on project financing for infrastructure investment.

This includes:

  • Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)
  • Asset valuation
  • Regulatory finance
  • Value for money assessment
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Contract design

Extensive experience - providing regulatory advice for equity investors considering the impact of economic regulation on investments.

Ofwat 2024 price review

Ofwat 2024 price review

Addressing challenges and finding solutions


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