Dispute Support

Putting wrongs to right

Sometimes things do not quite go as expected. Our knowledge of economics can help the effective management of disputes. Frontier experts are frequently called on to provide reports and testimony across different jurisdictions and institutions.

Undisputed experts

We bring together leading-edge technical skills and clear communication capabilities to challenge or support the basis of any claim for loss or damage. 

The economists’ toolkit can provide frameworks for dispute resolution, help specify counterfactuals and produce evidence on specific issues.

Our skill set includes:

  • Market analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Corporate finance
  • Valuation
  • Risk analysis
  • Econometrics
  • Contract design
  • Competition
  • Regulation
  • Consumer protection

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Litigation support and mediation services

We work closely with clients and their legal counsel to provide strategic advice, technical support and expert testimony.  Our extensive knowledge and experience in dispute resolution, for corporates, regulators and international legal bodies, means we are well placed to ensure that a fair and workable outcome is reached that satisfies all parties. 

We are well versed in advising clients before the European Commission and national courts.  And we also facilitate independent mediation and settlement  between disputing parties.

International arbitration

We provide expert testimony for hearings before international arbitration panels, in relation to both investment-state and commercial disputes. 

We’ve assisted both claimants and respondents (including sovereign states) in arbitration fora, including:

  • ICC
  • PCA
  • VIAC
  • SCC
Tax disputes

We increasingly find that economics is appreciated as a lens in a range of commercial tax disputes. 

The OECD guidelines for transfer pricing are grounded in economics.  We have used our analytical techniques to support tax authorities and taxpayers in negotiation and litigation in many OECD jurisdictions and across a range of industry sectors. 

Our approach to analysing market outcomes and assessing prices has also been valuable in a number of VAT disputes in the UK as well as other tax disputes overseas.


Companies may have the right to appeal the decisions of competition authorities. Our expertise in competition policy, combined with our capabilities in identifying and distilling evidence means that we are able to provide high-quality advice that clients require throughout an appeal. Appeals can be made on procedural grounds, but they are often based on the substance of an authority’s case: if it has failed to articulate properly its reasoning or has based its decision on inadequate evidence.

We provide extensive and flexible support to clients and their legal counsel, helping them to:

  • Formulate the appeal case
  • Convey the arguments in a straightforward and compelling way
  • Provide evidential and analytical support
  • Produce expert reports and give oral testimony

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