Tech has changed everything. So how do you navigate a new and changing landscape? To solve unique problems, you need a unique set of expertise.

The rapid growth and distinct features of the digital sector mean there are always new challenges to face. Finding solutions requires not just experience, but a new way of thinking.

Frontier’s wide range of expertise allows us to apply innovative thinking on digital issues across a range of areas. Our work follows digital regulation from policy, through legislation, to regulatory implementation, and our strategic advice enables digital companies to stay ahead of the curve.

That means we’re uniquely placed to help clients in big tech, as well as governments and regulators, navigate the ever-changing digital landscape.

Commercial strategy

The rapid growth of digital technology is a constant challenge to commercial strategies. How can companies keep pace with change and futureproof their business models?

We advise private clients on strategy related to digital growth – including consumer retail businesses who want to expand their digital channels, and digital-native firms exploring future commercial strategy.


In digital markets, competition is a different ballgame. But our track record in competition, combined with our forward-thinking approach and knowledge of the digital space, puts us in a unique position to advise clients on the challenges ahead.

We’ve been involved in high-profile competition cases in the UK and EU, before the European Commission and national competition authorities. And we help tech clients solve issues of merger clearance, abuse of dominance, self-preferencing and more.

Public policy

The digital sector has given rise to a unique set of policy issues. How do we keep people safe online? How does digital impact the wider economy? How can companies navigate public policy to lead the market?

Our combination of public policy expertise and creative thinking supports our clients – big tech firms, governments, regulators, innovators and the third sector – across the entire policy journey, from development, to legislation, to regulation and competition.


Digital is a sector like no other, so regulating it raises new and complex problems. Our regulation expertise enables us to help digital firms find innovative solutions to fresh challenges: like the impact of the newly adopted Digital Services and Digital Markets Acts, or how the establishment of the Digital Markets Unit will affect competition in the UK.

Find out more about our areas of expertise below.


Today, consumer interaction with the digital sector is near constant. That means governments and the private sector have a duty to ensure consumers are protected.

Our expertise in behavioural economics and consumer psychology helps private clients navigate changing legislation. We provide expert support for litigation and dispute resolution, and help businesses ensure their practices are consumer friendly and compliant.


The growth of data presents challenges from all angles, for businesses and policymakers alike. Our expert insight helps our clients navigate these challenges in ways that are productive both for the economy and society.

We help public, private and third sector clients understand the value of their data, navigate legislation and policy and calculate risks and opportunities in data markets. We also help businesses to formulate effective data strategies. And our expertise helps governments and regulators design better policies, use data for the public good, and understand the value of international data flows and the impact of changes in policy.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things plays an increasing role in our day-to-lives. It’s transforming the amount of data we create and use – and disrupting business models too.

We work with businesses and legislators to assess interoperability trade-offs, how IoT usage affects firms’ bargaining positions, and to balance the opportunities and challenges that arise as IoT data proliferates.