Incentivising innovation

Is innovation the key to raising productivity?

Innovation comes in many forms

In the words of Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman, “Productivity isn't everything, but in the long run it is almost everything.” And what’s the key to raising productivity? Above all, it is innovation in all its forms – the application of scientific and technological advances, the design of new products and services, improvements in management techniques, and much more.

Incentives to spur innovation

The incentives to innovate will inevitably vary from industry to industry. In energy, for example, the combination of variable tariffs and smart household technology can encourage consumers to use more off-peak power. But there are common threads. In every sector regulators and policymakers need to strike the balance that gives business sufficient motivation to invest in innovation. And drawing on behavioural insights can help companies develop ground-breaking products and services.

Team thoughts

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Harnessing new technologies to deliver higher levels of customer service and a greater recourse to markets are among the most promising channels to spur innovation.
Michael Yang
Manager, Transport and Water
Technology will enable consumers to respond to real-time energy price signals as readily as fluctuations in petrol prices at filling stations today.
Abbas Hussain
Manager, Energy
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Regulators who are increasingly concerned about more vulnerable consumers, need to ensure that operators have sufficient incentives to invest while still protecting end-users from undue market power.
Tom Ovington
Manager, Telecoms

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investment needed for 5G rollout


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