SFOE publishes Frontier studies on new gas market law

SFOE publishes Frontier studies on new gas market law

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) has today published several studies on the future design of gas market law in Switzerland. The law aims to create a detailed legal framework for Swiss gas supply, including rules on market and grid access for eligible customers and suppliers, in the context of further market liberalisation.

Frontier has supported the SFOE since 2015 in providing studies (in German) on:

  • the potential steps involved in liberalising gas markets (report);
    the development of a network access regime in an entry-exit system (report and follow-up study); and
  • the design of the entry-exit tariff system and cost allocation and tariff setting in an entry-exit system (report and follow-up study).

Frontier advises public and private sector organisations across Europe and globally on policy development, market design and security of supply issues in the energy sector.

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