German cabinet agrees on climate action plan for 2050

German cabinet agrees on climate action plan for 2050

The German cabinet has today agreed on a climate action plan for 2050. In the plan the German government describes how Germany aims to achieve its climate policy targets following the Paris Agreement.

The new climate action plan includes sector specific greenhouse gas emission targets for 2030. The emission targets for the energy sector aim for an additional reduction of CO2 emissions by 61% until 2030 (compared to emissions in 1990). Power production is planned to switch almost completely to renewable energy sources by 2050. Options for a coal phase out will be discussed by a commission until 2018. The action plan is however clear that there will be no investments into new coal fired power generation and no extensions of coal mines.

Besides the electricity sector, carbon emission reduction targets are defined for other sectors too:

  • In the building sector, greenhouse gas emissions are aimed to be reduced by 66%,
  • In the transport sector by 40%, and in the industry by 49%,
  • Emissions in the agriculture sector are planned to be reduced by 31%.
    Overall this would lead to a reduction of greenhouse gases of 55% until 2030 (compared to 1999).

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