E-fuels: the future of the aviation sector

Today, Dr David Bothe, Associate Director at Frontier’s Cologne office, participated in a ‘fishbowl session’ at a conference organised by the German Environment Agency (UBA).

In his statement David summarised how fast market penetration of e-fuels in aviation can be achieved. His findings are based on a recent study put together on behalf of the World Energy Council, in which Frontier sets out a potential roadmap and concludes that a coordinated approach is needed in three areas:

  • Development of technology – while basic technologies (e.g. electrolysis) are already available, we particularly need the scaling up of existing technologies;
  • Market and demand – there will be no substantial PtX industry if consumers do not buy and pay for renewable fuels;
  • Investments and supply – the required production capacities are huge and can only be achieved by establishing a global market for renewable fuels, linking optimal production regions across the globe with the demand centres.

David highlighted that this does not only apply to the aviation sector: While renewable fuels are the only technology option to significantly defossilise aviation in the foreseeable future, they will also be crucial for other sectors like heating and road transport. In order to capitalise on the opportunities in these sectors, a coordinated approach must be established.

Frontier regularly advises on global energy transition, renewable energies and synthetic fuels produced by PtX technologies.

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