Ofcom publishes its 2019/20 annual plan on fairness for customers

Ofcom publishes its 2019/20 annual plan on fairness for customers

Ofcom today published its program of work for the year, following a consultation process with the industry and Ofcom’s duties.

Ofcom has identified nine priorities for the year across a range of issues including mobile and broadband coverage, Brexit, quality broadcasting and diversity.

One of its priorities for the year is ‘fairness for customers’. It wants to ensure broadband, phone and TV customers, particularly vulnerable people, are treated fairly. Its work in this area will consider:

  • pricing for mobile handset and airtime contracts;
  • differential pricing practices;
  • end-of-contract and best tariff notifications;
  • switching; and
  • the future of consumer data.

Martin Duckworth from Frontier’s Telecoms Practice commented: “The increased focus on ‘fairness’ from Ofcom reflects a shift in priorities that we have seen across sector and competition regulators over the last twelve months. A more explicit articulation of these fairness concerns is welcome. As differential pricing outcomes is also a result from competition,  addressing these concerns will require an understanding of the underlying economic drivers of market outcomes, including individual firm behaviour”.

Frontier has advised extensively on differential pricing, behavioural economics and consumer survey techniques to improve regulatory strategies, and advises clients in the telecommunication industry across Europe and other regions of the world.

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